FGA Mission Statement

The mission of the Fund Governance Association is to promote and raise standards of corporate governance of private investment funds. It will achieve this through:

a)  Policy Statements and Standards: the FGA will adopt policy statements and Standards that assist in defining high quality governance,

b) Promotion of Corporate Governance: the FGA will provide leadership and advocate with all constituencies in the private fund investment realm on the importance and value of high quality governance, and

c) A Forum: the FGA will create an interactive forum for our Membership to engage with each other when concerns over corporate governance standards arise

In the near future the FGA will be publishing its Principles of fund governance. In 2014 it is anticipated that it will then produce its own Code of Conduct, in consultation with its members, which will build on its Principles.

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Our aim

To improve the standards of governance in the alternative investment fund industry. We are a not for profit company, owned by our members.

Our membership

Membership is open to all those with an interest in seeing improvements to the industry including: investors, managers, service providers and non-executive directors.

Contact Us

For all enquiries please contact us via the details below.

Tel: +44 207 220 9077

Email: info@fundgovassoc.com