Benefits of FGA Membership

The FGA is an opportunity for all those with an interest in governance to come together and debate the issues. The specific benefits of FGA membership are:

  • Inclusion and participation in the FGA's policy discussions and debates on fund governance standards
  • Participation in various committees that will be set up by the FGA to address issues of particular interest. These will range across different areas and, in addition to the proposed code of sound practices, are likely to include topics such as risk management, conflicts of interest, capacity and compliance in the new era of increased regulation (including, inter alia, AIFMD, UCITS V&VI, FATCA, Dodd Frank, FTT, MiFID, AML and identify theft)
  • Consultation on and input into the various white papers that the FGA will be publishing on governance matters
  • Participation in the FGA's online forum on governance with other Industry Participant members.
  • Inclusion in the FGA's programme of education for all Industry Participants
  • Attendance at the FGA's events
  • Access to the FGA's database of non-executive directors
  • Listing on the FGA's database of non-executive directors

Our aim

To improve the standards of governance in the alternative investment fund industry. We are a not for profit company, owned by our members.

Our membership

Membership is open to all those with an interest in seeing improvements to the industry including: investors, managers, service providers and non-executive directors.

Contact Us

For all enquiries please contact us via the details below.

Tel: +44 207 220 9077